Lee Kelleher

2008 March

Strange goings-on

The first time it happened I thought it was odd. After the second time I seemed very weird. Now that it’s happened a third time – I’m just baffled! What am I rambling on about I hear you ask?! This… This picture on Flickr has been favourited 3 times – which is nice! However the […]

Vista SP1 Hibernation problems

After a couple of unsuccessfully attempted to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1; it seems that I “forgot” to disable my anti-virus software! Then it installed fine. Vista does seem to perform better/quicker since SP1, but, for me, it introduced a major show-stopper! Hibernation stopped working! I google’d the problem to see if anyone else […]

IE View Lite 1.3.2+ not compatible with Firefox 2.0

I used all sorts of add-ons and extensions for Firefox, (I’ll get around to writing a blog post on that soon too). Since I do a lot of web-development, I switch between Firefox and Internet Explorer frequently during a build. To make this easier, I’ve been using Grayson Mixon’s IE View Lite. But with the […]

Scrobbling my BBC Radio listening on Last.fm

A couple of months ago I’d heard that the BBC Radio Labs had developed a desktop widget that scrobbled the songs you listen to on BBC Radio (currently only available for Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and 1 Xtra) [via Last.fm] I’m not a big fan of gimmicky desktop widgets –  it’s bad enough […]

One Less Vista Woe

To follow up to my rant a few weeks ago (More Vista Woes on my old blog), it seems that Microsoft have taken note everyone’s complaints about the forced reboot. After putting off my Windows Vista updates for as long as possible, I finally succumbed… Once all the updates were installed, I’m prompted with the […]

Introducing Pez…

In between my many projects (paid and personal) and entering fatherhood… I seem to have found some time to start up an open-source project with Ben Taylor, (my old comrade from the Scream days). I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on my blog recently, but hadn’t yet got around to introducing it… then Ben […]

Accessing the jQuery DOM in an Ajax callback

Whilst developing the admin pages for Pez, I wanted to add some nice features to the UI. My first choice for a JavaScript framework is jQuery. I’ve used other frameworks before, (like mootools, script.aculo.us and YUI), but I just seem to get on better with jQuery, (although mootools is a very close second). Last night […]


Yes… I MADE LOLCAT! moar funny pictures The photo is from my flickr photostream, [link]; taken whilst we were staying at the farm – couldn’t resist taking a snap of these two “love cats” Who knows why I end up doing this sort of thing… it’s not like I’ve got time to waste these days! […]

Traffic Updates: RSS -> SMS

Since moving down to Bristol, I have been subscribing to the Underscore mailing list – of which I’m guilty of non-participation. One of the threads today made me realise the potential of user empowerment using “Web 2.0” services and technologies. The thread was called “RSS -> SMS“, Andy wrote: After my wife took three hours […]