Lee Kelleher

2007 April

Guess my age

Continuing the techniques of hotornot, ratemykitten and famousr, the b3tards been enjoying this ‘guess the age‘ game. [via b3ta]

Web Design Survey

Just took the A List Apart‘s Web Design Survey… they want to know more about people who make websites.

Dodgy PNG Colour Rendering

I thought I was going mad, but it seems that browsers (specifically IE6/7 & FF) still render PNGs differently! (It’s related to the Gamma Correction and Colour Correction)

Sex Doll for Dogs

Hotdoll: The Sex Doll for Dogs [via popbitch/digg]

Last.fm Player

I was generally using my last.fm account to keep stats of the songs/artists that I listen to… I had no interest in the Last.fm player software, as I use iTunes. Today I thought I’d give the Personal radio feature a go… I’ve become addicted, especially with the Discovery Mode enabled!

Make the Logo Bigger

Make the Logo Bigger [cheers sponegg]

CRT Monitor, Giant Slingshot, Ripe Fruit

“We had a nearly-dead CRT monitor, a giant slingshot, and some ripe fruit.” There’s a plan brewing… [via b3ta]

Where Company Names Come From

Where company names come from. [via b3ta]

Spotting a Fake Smile

Can you spot a fake smile? – I got 18 out of 20 [cheers dan]

ForkPress: Time to switch!

Enough is enough, it’s time to start using ForkPress… along with the new K3 theme – it’s the Ultimate Blogging platform!!!

Google TiSP: Free wireless broadband

Want free in-home wireless broadband from Google? Check out TiSP!