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Reflecting on predictions for Umbraco

Last year a wrote a few predictions for Umbraco – for beyond 2014; a 5-year future. Reviewing those predictions, many things have happened in the world of web-development, so I would like to reflect on those. node.js The idea of switching Umbraco’s “server-side” codebase from ASP.NET to node.js was quite appealing. Out-the-box it would be […]

umBristol: Hack Night (May 2014)

Last Thursday evening we held our first umBristol hack-night. We decided to leave the format of the evening to be an open/clinic style, where anyone could ask questions and guide the focus of session.  It turned out that there wasn’t much hacking, but there was a wealth of knowledge to learn and share. Jonathan started off by […]

uComponents: Days of Future Past

For a long time I have remained silent on the future of the uComponents project; please don’t mistake this for ignorance, it was not intentional. The truth is that it has been a struggle to lead the project through the transition from Umbraco v6 to v7 … and I’ve probably failed to do. The ongoing […]

Umbraco MVP 2014 Nominee

I’m honoured to be short-listed for the Umbraco MVP 2014 awards.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have won the MVP award 3 times before. In previous years, the nominations have been difficult to vote on, so many great people in the community – and this year is no exception – I had a hard time […]

Deploying complex Property Editors (Archetype) with Umbraco Courier on UaaS

TL;DR; I wrote a Courier DataResolver for the Archetype property-editor. The code is currently only available on GitHub and has only been tested against Umbraco-as-a-Service.

uComponents: Moved to GitHub

Hey uComponents fans, a little status update on our version control repository move from CodePlex over to GitHub. We’d been talking about moving over to GitHub for a long time, (even before Umbraco core moved over), but the timing was never right – either we were in the middle of a major release or our […]

Predictions for Umbraco – beyond 2014

With Umbraco 7 release imminent, the community will be eager to see its adoption. For those who have been following the progress of its development, the entire back-office has been re-built from the ground up – from UX concepts to the introduction of the AngularJS framework.  (For technical details, see the Belle documentation website.) The […]

My year (so far) on MacBook Windows 8 Boot Camp

Towards the end of last year, my business partner (Rich) was eager to get hold of the new MacBook Pro (with 15″ Retina display) – obviously with the cost of the MacBook being considerably higher than an average PC-laptop counterpart – Rich felt it was unfair for him to get one. However since I’d never […]

Downgrading uComponents

A question was asked on the Our Umbraco forum about how to downgrade a version of uComponents (from v5.4.0 to v4.1.0 – as they were using Umbraco v4.7.2). There may well be other reasons that you would want to downgrade uComponents to a previous version – whether that be for Umbraco compatibility or maybe even […]

uComponents: 50,000 downloads!

Ah uComponents, it seems like only yesterday that we reached the huge milestone of 10,000 downloads! Now look at you… 50,000 downloads! Wow how you’ve grown. .@hendyracher Compare #uComponents d/load stats to last year (46k) http://t.co/TRn58axeai Our #umbraco: 50,000 CodePlex: 15,000 NuGet: 4,500 — Lee Kelleher (@leekelleher) September 11, 2013 I’d like to give my uttermost appreciation to […]

Manipulate XSLTsearch

When developing websites with Umbraco, I always use the XSLTsearch package to handle the search solution. As well as being easy and quick to install, it is customisable and very fast in searching content nodes. As much as I love XSLTsearch, the one dilemma I always face is having to modify the HTML output that […]

Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco 5

First migration of my Umbraco packages to the newly released v5 (Jupiter), I am proud to announce… Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco 5! The majority of the re-development was done during the #umbWeekend (last weekend – 27th January). It was fun to explore the new codebase and APIs for Umbraco v5; creating tree nodes and building […]

Want to help develop Google Maps Umbraco package?

There are 2 outstanding bugs in the Google Maps for Umbraco package. Would you like to help us fix these bugs and collaborate on the project? My current workload is high and I am aware that there are 2 major bugs that need fixing on the Google Map data-type. With my heavy involvement on the […]

uComponents: 100 karma votes and 10,000 downloads!

Very proud and happy to announce that uComponents has reached 100 karma votes and 10,000 downloads! (that’s not including the additional 4,000 download from our CodePlex project) I just downloaded the 10,000th copy of uComponents. is.gd/ZVxhfy #H5YR #Umbraco — Douglas Robar(@drobar) September 7, 2011 A huge thank you to the uComponents team for developing a great set […]

uComponents: Render Macro data-type

Developed a new data-type for uComponents called Render Macro. Watch the screencast for a brief demonstration.