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  1. Tagged by Techn0tic

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    After years of dodging this tag-the-blogger (“_you’re it!_“) memes, it was Dave Kinsella who finally got me. So with pure fear of a little dead girl climbing out of my TV in 7 days time, I’ll continue the chain. If you are tagged you should: (a) republish these rules Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post. Share seven facts about yourself in the post. Tag seven people at the end of…

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  2. Lil’ Bookninja

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    After helping Bookninja with their blog, George kindly sent me some swag, (or “thanking him by advertising on his chest“, as George put it), including a baby-grow (we were expecting Katelyn at the time). Well, 9 months later, Katelyn fits into the baby-grow (she’s always been quite a small baby). I promised George that I’d sent him a photo when we got chance.  It was by pure coincidence that I was wearing a WordPress hoodie!…

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  3. Fatherhood

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    I’ve survived the first week of fatherhood! Even after all the advice from friends and family, books you’ve read, etc… Nothing prepares you for it! Completely in at the deep-end on the first sleepless night – no idea what was going on; what time it was; night-turns-into-day-into-night; a total blur! Strangely though, I am loving being a father – and absolutely smitten with Katelyn! In other news, there’s another baby (a project) that Ben and…

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