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  1. Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco 5

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    First migration of my Umbraco packages to the newly released v5 (Jupiter), I am proud to announce… Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco 5! The majority of the re-development was done during the #umbWeekend (last weekend – 27th January). It was fun to explore the new codebase and APIs for Umbraco v5; creating tree nodes and building the editor.  Then a few evenings this week to polish-up the UI, etc. For any developers wanting to know more…

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  2. Updated Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco

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    Last night I released version 2 of the Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco. Changes & new features: Restructured the package files, they all live in a folder called “robots-txt” (still under the /umbraco folder – but self-contained) Errors are now displayed using the Feedback control (as opposed to the Speech Bubble in the bottom-right corner). Robots.txt editor has buttons for adding new User-Agent and Disallow rules, as well as comment/uncomment functionality. Changed the Robot icon… courtesy…

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  3. Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco

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    Following up on my recent post of using Robots.txt with Umbraco, I decided that it would be nice to be able to edit the robots.txt directly from the Umbraco back-end.  (Also I wanted to play a bit more with the BaseTree/ITree classes). This afternoon I had a few hours to spare – actually I was procrastinating on another job, (don’t tell my client – I’ll finish it off later tonight) – so I got down…

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  4. Robots.txt for use with Umbraco

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    I originally posted this over at the Our Umbraco community wiki. [Robots.txt for use with Umbraco] I am only posting it on my blog as a cross-reference. The Our Umbraco wiki version will evolve with the community’s experience and knowledge. The Robots Exclusion Protocol has been around for many years, yet there are a lot of web-developers who are unaware of the reasons for having a robots.txt file in the root of their websites. There…

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