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  1. Introducing Pez…

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    In between my many projects (paid and personal) and entering fatherhood… I seem to have found some time to start up an open-source project with Ben Taylor, (my old comrade from the Scream days). I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on my blog recently, but hadn’t yet got around to introducing it… then Ben beat me to it! So without further ado, here is Ben’s introduction to Pez!

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  2. Accessing the jQuery DOM in an Ajax callback

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    Whilst developing the admin pages for Pez, I wanted to add some nice features to the UI. My first choice for a JavaScript framework is jQuery. I’ve used other frameworks before, (like mootools, script.aculo.us and YUI), but I just seem to get on better with jQuery, (although mootools is a very close second). Last night I was playing around with the Ajax/jQuery.get() method – it was the first time I’d used it, and was having…

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  3. Fatherhood

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    I’ve survived the first week of fatherhood! Even after all the advice from friends and family, books you’ve read, etc… Nothing prepares you for it! Completely in at the deep-end on the first sleepless night – no idea what was going on; what time it was; night-turns-into-day-into-night; a total blur! Strangely though, I am loving being a father – and absolutely smitten with Katelyn! In other news, there’s another baby (a project) that Ben and…

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