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  1. GitHub Activity Patterns: Star & Fork

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    Confession time, I check my GitHub activity feed dashboard as much as I check my Twitter timeline. I know a lot of people who ignore their GitHub dashboard, but for me I find it a great source of information... to see who is working on what; if there are any new Umbraco related open-source projects; and also if anyone has starred or forked one of my projects. Over the past few years I've noticed patterns…

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  2. Last.fm Web Services

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    Last weekend, the good folk at Last.fm revealed version 2.0 of their public API: The new API introduces a user authentication protocol which for the first time allows applications to create user sessions, bringing both read and write services to web apps, desktop apps and mobile devices. Take our new tagging API’s. Developers can both pull and apply tags to music content from any application on any platform now. The same goes for sharing –…

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  3. Introducing Pez…

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    In between my many projects (paid and personal) and entering fatherhood… I seem to have found some time to start up an open-source project with Ben Taylor, (my old comrade from the Scream days). I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on my blog recently, but hadn’t yet got around to introducing it… then Ben beat me to it! So without further ado, here is Ben’s introduction to Pez!

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