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  1. New Richard Westbrook Site

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    Bodenko and Crush Design have just launch the new website for, Porsche Supercup champion, Richard Westbrook. We built the site with WordPress (2.5) to take advantage of it’s blogging framework and also to be totally buzzword-compliant! It’s not often that we get to mention the sites that we’ve built – usually due to the non-disclosure when doing B2B projects.

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  2. Social Networks are like Pubs

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    I received an email from Pownce this morning, letting me know that they’ve opened the doors to all! Yah! (oh, the irony) I signed up for Pownce a couple of months ago… configured my profile, looked for a few friends … didn’t find any … now what? At this point I’m reminded of Rob Manuel’s comment about social networks: Social networks are pubs. There’s little reason to like Facebook if your friends aren’t there. Anyway,…

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