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  1. Ending our UMCO Patreon campaign

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    This evening Matt & I posted on our Patreon campaign for UMCO. I'm cross-posting here for posterity... The UMCO Patreon campaign is ending Reflecting back on the past 2 years of running our Patreon campaign, we've had great success and gained quite a few backers (which we are extremely grateful for), but at the same time we've learned a few things about what running a successful campaign actually means for OSS and what the expectations…

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  2. History of "Our.Umbraco.*" package names

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    Have you ever looked in your /bin folder and wondered why a bunch of Umbraco package assemblies are prefixed with "Our.Umbraco."? Let's find out about the history of that naming convention!

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  3. UMCO

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    I meant to announce UMCO a while ago. Matt has recently redesigned his company website and written a great introduction to UMCO on there.

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