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  1. My WordPress hacked by c99madshell script

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    After all the excitement of last Friday’s attempted hack on my travelblog, and the subsequent upgrade to WordPress 2.6 – I thought everything was under control.  Boy was I wrong! A few hours ago I received a blog comment (from a Mr Andrew Wong) on the travelblog: http://www.lee-and-lucy.com/travelblog/index.php?p=5817 check this out!! I clicked the link, my jaw dropped!  It wasn’t an attempted hack, it was a very successful hack… I felt violated -in a digital…

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  2. All hail “The Bookninja Messiah”!

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    Earlier this week I’d heard that Bookninja had been hijacked, they needed some help to get their WordPress back in working order. Mark suggested that I offered my services, so I did. George explained what the problems since the hijack: Unable to publish blog posts and pages; (a blank page appeared when he tried to publish) All the pages had been delete, or disappeared. Akismet was turned off… opening the floodgates to lots of unwanted…

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  3. Harvester Killer

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    Fight SpamBots!

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  4. Dodgy Missed Phonecalls

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    Just noticed that I had a missed call on my mobile from 02920368792, (I didn’t even hear it ring). So I googled the number. I found out it a Spam/Cold-Caller number. Now I’m a bit pee’d off, as yesterday I signed up for TSB’s text message alerts – coincidence or what?

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