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  1. My WordPress hacked by c99madshell script

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    After all the excitement of last Friday’s attempted hack on my travelblog, and the subsequent upgrade to WordPress 2.6 – I thought everything was under control.  Boy was I wrong! A few hours ago I received a blog comment (from a Mr Andrew Wong) on the travelblog: http://www.lee-and-lucy.com/travelblog/index.php?p=5817 check this out!! I clicked the link, my jaw dropped!  It wasn’t an attempted hack, it was a very successful hack… I felt violated -in a digital…

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  2. Personal Zeitgeist

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    I’ve finally started work on my zeitgeist page. My personal projects have been on the back-burner, as I’ve (obviously) had other things to think about! Personal Zeitgeist is very easy to get up and running, although I have been making a lot of tweaks – mostly to satisfy my own coding preferences; for example: renaming the *.inc files to *.inc.php – so that nobody else can view the source-code. (That’s been one of my long-term…

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  3. WordPress: “post.php” is blank after publishing

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    Whilst I was helping out Bookninja earlier this week, I came across a strange problem in WordPress. Every time we tried to publish a new blog post (or page), there would be a pause, then the page would go blank. (This was on the “post.php” page) I spent a long time trying to figure out what the issue was… even longer googling it! Several pages into the Google results, I found the answer! Thank you…

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  4. Hello world!

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    Hello and welcome to my new weblog (generously hosted here on WordPress.com). I’ve spent the last year (or so) trying to figure out how to best present myself online. My last attempt was over on at leekelleher.com. I had some information about myself, a linklog and details of a WordPress plugin that I developed. I found that the linklog became redundant, as it’s easier for me to use del.icio.us for my links/bookmarks. The Category Cloud…

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  5. I am an ALT.NET Developer

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    I am an ALT.NET Developer. (more here)

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  6. ForkPress: Time to switch!

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    Enough is enough, it’s time to start using ForkPress… along with the new K3 theme – it’s the Ultimate Blogging platform!!! (just waiting for a bbqPress integration plugin … oh, does it work with buySQL?)

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  7. SimplePie 1.0 Beta 3

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    SimplePie 1.0 Beta 3 gets released later today… which means I’ll be one step closer to the BLB relaunch!

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