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  1. Last.fm Web Services

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    Last weekend, the good folk at Last.fm revealed version 2.0 of their public API: The new API introduces a user authentication protocol which for the first time allows applications to create user sessions, bringing both read and write services to web apps, desktop apps and mobile devices. Take our new tagging API’s. Developers can both pull and apply tags to music content from any application on any platform now. The same goes for sharing –…

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  2. Scrobbling my BBC Radio listening on Last.fm

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    A couple of months ago I’d heard that the BBC Radio Labs had developed a desktop widget that scrobbled the songs you listen to on BBC Radio (currently only available for Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and 1 Xtra) [via Last.fm] I’m not a big fan of gimmicky desktop widgets –  it’s bad enough that Vista comes with them as default – some people love them, some hate them… I just prefer less clutter…

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  3. Personal Zeitgeist

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    I’ve finally started work on my zeitgeist page. My personal projects have been on the back-burner, as I’ve (obviously) had other things to think about! Personal Zeitgeist is very easy to get up and running, although I have been making a lot of tweaks – mostly to satisfy my own coding preferences; for example: renaming the *.inc files to *.inc.php – so that nobody else can view the source-code. (That’s been one of my long-term…

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  4. Hello world!

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    Hello and welcome to my new weblog (generously hosted here on WordPress.com). I’ve spent the last year (or so) trying to figure out how to best present myself online. My last attempt was over on at leekelleher.com. I had some information about myself, a linklog and details of a WordPress plugin that I developed. I found that the linklog became redundant, as it’s easier for me to use del.icio.us for my links/bookmarks. The Category Cloud…

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  5. Greasemonkey Userscripts

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    I made a couple of Greasemonkey userscripts this afternoon… both related to Flickr’s machine-tags, one for IMDb and the other for Last.fm.

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  6. Last.fm Player

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    I was generally using my last.fm account to keep stats of the songs/artists that I listen to… I had no interest in the Last.fm player software, as I use iTunes. Today I thought I’d give the Personal radio feature a go… I’ve become addicted, especially with the Discovery Mode enabled!

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  7. Last.fm quilt

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    If you use Last.fm and have a blog (or MySpace), then you can put one of these shiny new album-art quilts on it!

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