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  1. My WordPress hacked by c99madshell script

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    After all the excitement of last Friday’s attempted hack on my travelblog, and the subsequent upgrade to WordPress 2.6 – I thought everything was under control.  Boy was I wrong! A few hours ago I received a blog comment (from a Mr Andrew Wong) on the travelblog: http://www.lee-and-lucy.com/travelblog/index.php?p=5817 check this out!! I clicked the link, my jaw dropped!  It wasn’t an attempted hack, it was a very successful hack… I felt violated -in a digital…

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  2. How to follow conversations on Twitter

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    After reading Dave’s post about Twitter being the new Facebook yesterday, I decided to give Digsby a go. (I’d heard of it previously, but I was semi-scared off by all the twittermania – it’s a bit like marmite). Since I was only following a few tweeters there wasn’t of a flow – so I added a couple more higher profile tweeters, like Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror. This morning Jeff tweeted: I hate #region so much.…

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  3. “Powered by Category Cloud”

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    I’ve just installed Operator – a Firefox extension that highlights microformatted data on web pages. So far I haven’t noticed any performance issues, and it’s been playing nicely with all my other Firefox extensions. As a web developer, Operator makes me want to add more semantic mark-up to my websites, (which I already try to do). This extension will make it easier for testing purposes. I decided to read more about the extension on the…

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  4. All hail “The Bookninja Messiah”!

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    Earlier this week I’d heard that Bookninja had been hijacked, they needed some help to get their WordPress back in working order. Mark suggested that I offered my services, so I did. George explained what the problems since the hijack: Unable to publish blog posts and pages; (a blank page appeared when he tried to publish) All the pages had been delete, or disappeared. Akismet was turned off… opening the floodgates to lots of unwanted…

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  5. WordPress: “post.php” is blank after publishing

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    Whilst I was helping out Bookninja earlier this week, I came across a strange problem in WordPress. Every time we tried to publish a new blog post (or page), there would be a pause, then the page would go blank. (This was on the “post.php” page) I spent a long time trying to figure out what the issue was… even longer googling it! Several pages into the Google results, I found the answer! Thank you…

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  6. Mozilla Prism – Bringing Web Apps to the Desktop

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    I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months.  I’ve only just heard about Mozilla’s Prism – and it’s already changing the way I use web-apps. Prism, (previously called WebRunner), is essentially a Site Specific Browser (SSB) – meaning that it’s a desktop application designed to host a single web-application.  This is good for many reasons, foremost it causes less distractions. So far, I have prisms set-up for most…

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  7. Google Maps Street View

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    Google have added a new feature on their maps… Panoramic street views! Check this one from the Golden Gate Bridge – could it be a tourist asking for directions? or maybe it’s a secret spy meeting? [via Dave]

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  8. Google TiSP: Free wireless broadband

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    Want free in-home wireless broadband from Google? Check out TiSP!


  9. Yahoo and MSN will use Google’s Sitemap Protocol

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    Yahoo and MSN are uniting with Google to provide support for the Sitemap Protocol! (more info here – sitemaps.org)

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  10. Google Reader

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    It has taken me a long time to actually get around to using RSS feeds properly – I’ve known about them (and developed them for other sites) for several years – but I never could get into the habit of opening a feed-reader everyday… well, the other day I thought I’d give Google’s Reader another go (I wasn’t impressed previously) – it’s only been 3 days and I’m hooked! When I eventually get around to…

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  11. Another Me?

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    Will the real Lee Kelleher please stand up? I was doing some ego-surfing on Google…. and found another me! I wish he’d learn how to spell! :roll:

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