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  1. GitHub Activity Patterns: Star & Fork

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    Confession time, I check my GitHub activity feed dashboard as much as I check my Twitter timeline. I know a lot of people who ignore their GitHub dashboard, but for me I find it a great source of information... to see who is working on what; if there are any new Umbraco related open-source projects; and also if anyone has starred or forked one of my projects. Over the past few years I've noticed patterns…

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  2. uComponents: Moved to GitHub

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    Hey uComponents fans, a little status update on our version control repository move from CodePlex over to GitHub. We’d been talking about moving over to GitHub for a long time, (even before Umbraco core moved over), but the timing was never right – either we were in the middle of a major release or our day-job workloads were in high demand.  Luckily since our own v6.0.0 release, we have found the time to make the…

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