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Week 09

That was it, the last week of remote learning 🎉 - except not quite. LL goes back from Monday, (today, I'm late writing this note up), but KK's school is doing a staggered start, so she's back next Monday. Still, it's going to be quiter during the day in our house.

KK ramped up on watching MCU movies. We watched Captain America 2 on Monday night, I'd been trying to keep any spoilers from KK, her face was priceless when she found out who The Winter Solider was, classic! Wednesday night, we watched Avengers 2, which was good timing for me, to revisit the backstory in preparation for WandaVision.

re: WandaVision, (the finale, it was very good!), without much of a spoiler, there's a scene where the Ship of Theseus dilemma is discussed - I couldn't help but think of that Only Fools and Horses sketch, Trigger's Broom.

Watched the concluding episodes of The Serpent, really good, enjoyed this show.

Started another jigsaw, a 1000 piece one, this time with a view to take it at a slower pace. Not several hours in a single sitting, but over the course of several days. By the end of Tuesday I had edging done. Came back to it on Wednesday for an hour or so, struggled to make any progress. By Thursday, Lucy had took over, she's been enjoying it, so I left her to it.
I'm probably having that typical programmer syndrome of "flow", in a single sitting I could keep a mental model of the problem, whereas doing it in piecemeal it takes time for me to get back up to speed.

Thursday, I released v1.2.0 of my Contentment plugin for Umbraco. One of the new features is Telemetry data - my aim is to use this so that I can understand how plugin's components are being used. I put together a report page that analyses the telemetry data, this will be useful to see where to best focus my efforts for future developments.

Saturday family movie night was Lucy's choice... Pan. It was alright, kids seemed to enjoy it, but I couldn't escape the question of why?! Did anyone actually want a prequel for Peter Pan? Maybe the film-makers were hoping for a big series of follow up movies? I don't know, just felt odd.

Sunday. I did another collage!

As I was about to throw out the OK! and Vogue magazines, I thought I'd take one last flick through them. Noticed a few nice black & white shots, so I got the scissors and glue out again. Bit of a simplier one this time around, tried to keep it classy.

I named this one Director's Caut.

Director's Cat
Director's Caut