Lee Kelleher

Robots.txt Editor for Umbraco

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Following up on my recent post of using Robots.txt with Umbraco, I decided that it would be nice to be able to edit the robots.txt directly from the Umbraco back-end.  (Also I wanted to play a bit more with the BaseTree/ITree classes).

This afternoon I had a few hours to spare – actually I was procrastinating on another job, (don’t tell my client – I’ll finish it off later tonight) – so I got down to some coding.

The source-code is available on the Umbraco Extensions project (on CodePlex) and created a project page on the new Our Umbraco community website. (Don’t forget to give it some karma points! ;-p)

A direct download to the package installer (zip) is available here.

Very special thanks to Dave Kinsella for providing the Robot icon robot icon– although I know Dave, it was great proof that Twitter really does work! (Thanks to Dan too for his Johnny 5 attempt! 18480255– Here was my attempt too!  18484040)

If you have any bugs, comments, feedback or suggestions – please feel free to get in touch with me via the Our Umbraco forums.