Lee Kelleher

Social Networks are like Pubs

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I received an email from Pownce this morning, letting me know that they’ve opened the doors to all! Yah! (oh, the irony)

I signed up for Pownce a couple of months ago… configured my profile, looked for a few friends … didn’t find any … now what?

At this point I’m reminded of Rob Manuel’s comment about social networks:

Social networks are pubs. There’s little reason to like Facebook if your friends aren’t there. Anyway, the music is too loud.

Obviously at the time of Rob‘s “tweet”, Facebook was only just picking up speed in the UK – now it’s THE place to be on-line (even for the non-geeks). Ringing true, because all your friends are there!

Pownce is an impressive web-app, with a nice slick interface … I’d be tempted to use it, only if I had more friends (billy-no-mates me!) – (actually I found a few now)

I found another interesting article (by Chris Brogan) about the “social networks are like pubs” analogy.