Lee Kelleher

Hello world!

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Hello and welcome to my new weblog (generously hosted here on WordPress.com).

I’ve spent the last year (or so) trying to figure out how to best present myself online. My last attempt was over on at leekelleher.com. I had some information about myself, a linklog and details of a WordPress plugin that I developed.

I found that the linklog became redundant, as it’s easier for me to use del.icio.us for my links/bookmarks.

The Category Cloud widget page is pretty much a mirror of the content hosted over at WordPress.org’s Plugins Directory.

Apart from the tidbits of information, my personal site is somewhat lacking… and definitely overkill to maintain a WordPress installation (with regular updates, patches and security releases – it was becoming too much of a chore!)

So my latest “plan” is to have all my “user-generated content” off-site; del.icio.us (combined with digg & Google Reader) for links, Flickr for photos, last.fm for music-profiling and (of course) WordPress for the content (blog posts/journals/articles).

I started to look at a PHP script called Personal Zeitgeist to pull everything together. It looks decent enough, so I’ll see how I get on with it.