Lee Kelleher

Category Cloud Widget

Adds a sidebar widget to display the categories as a tag cloud. Based on Matt Kingston’s Weighted Categories WP plugin.


  • Fully configuration via the Sidebar Widget admin panel.
  • Set the minimum and maximum font-size and unit (px, pt, %).
  • Exclude specific categories, (and hide empty categories).
  • Display categories above a defined number of posts.
  • Set the alignment of the text (left, right, center, justified).
  • Order the category cloud either alphabetically or by post-count.
  • Tested on both WordPress 2.0.x and 2.1 version branches.


You can view a working demo of the Category Cloud here:



The latest version of the Category Cloud widget can be downloaded from the official WordPress Plugins Directory (here). Alternatively you can get a copy direct from the SVN repository (trunk).


  1. Make sure you have the Widget plugin available at http://automattic.com/code/widgets/
  2. Copy category-cloud.php to your plugins folder, /wp-content/plugins/widgets/
  3. Activate it through the plugin management screen.
  4. Go to Themes->Sidebar Widgets and drag and drop the widget to wherever you want to show it.
  5. Use the configuration menu to customise the widget.