During 1999 and 2000, I was part of a rock band called Tremor.

Previously, I’d been playing around with the bass and guitars for a couple of years, but never really got my act together to join a band until I met Jeff Moore. Jeff invited me around to Paul Hagan’s house for jam-session – which turned out to be an audition! We went for a pint afterwards, and asked me to the Bassist.

Hagan was still in his band, Keegan, who had no idea that he was having an 'affair' with Tremor. Which we ended up stealing Graeme (the Drummer) from. 😬

We spent a solid six-months practising and rehearsing, we wanted to be as tight as possible. Then in early-2000 we were ready to gig!

During our rehearsal period, there were personal tensions between Jeff and Paul … (which remain personal) … ultimately Paul decided to leave the band. 😢 Leaving us without a rhythm-guitarist. Luckily, Jeff knew of a young demon guitarist, Ian (who I also knew of via my sister). So we were back on track!

After a few more gigs, we started to get calls from promotion agencies for demo CDs and even had an offer to support a touring band. However Jeff had a few personal things going on, and decided to call it a day! (I was in the middle of my final year at Uni, so it wasn’t great timing for me either). So that was the end of the mighty Tremor!

We only got to play 4 live gigs in total before we split up, we actually headlined all of them, they were: The Picket (twice); The LoMAX and The Cavern Club

Tremor were: Jeff Moore, Graeme Bourque, Lee Kelleher, Ian Dunn and Paul Hagan.

Get Yourself a Mate Called Smith

leekelleherTremor - Get Yourself a Mate Called Smith

Live at Crash

leekelleherTremor - Live at Crash