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  1. Manipulate XSLTsearch

    Posted on . Estimated read time: 7 minutes (848 words)

    When developing websites with Umbraco, I always use the XSLTsearch package to handle the search solution. As well as being easy and quick to install, it is customisable and very fast in searching content nodes. As much as I love XSLTsearch, the one dilemma I always face is having to modify the HTML output that is generated.  Given the way I work; with a much better front-end developer providing the mark-up; I am faced with…

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  2. How to use umbraco.library GetMedia in XSLT for Umbraco v4.5

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    This is a quick follow-up on my previous blog post: “How to use umbraco.library GetMedia in XSLT“.  At the request of fellow Umbraco South-West UK developer, Dan, that I should update the code snippets for the new XML schema in Umbraco v4.5+ First a quick notice; if you are using v4.5.0, then please upgrade to v4.5.1, as there was a tiny bug in GetMedia that caused great confusion and headaches – you have been advised!…

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  3. Working with XSLT using new XML schema in Umbraco 4.1

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    Most of the Umbraco community are aware that the XML schema in the upcoming Umbraco 4.1 release has changed. Instead of each document being a node element, the element name is the node-type alias, same with property values; they no longer use data elements with alias attributes. Here is a quick example, comparing the old/legacy with the new: <node id="1066" parentID="-1" level="1" nodeName="Home" ... nodeTypeAlias="Homepage" path="-1,1066"> <data alias="bodyText"><![CDATA[<p>Welcome to my homepage.</p>]]></data> </node> <Homepage id="1066" parentID="-1" level="1"…

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  4. How to use umbraco.library GetMedia in XSLT

    Posted on . Estimated read time: 4 minutes (513 words)

    From time to time I notice a reoccurring post over at the Our Umbraco forum; how to display an image (from the Media section) in XSLT? A quick answer can be found on the Our Umbraco wiki for the umbraco.library GetMedia method. For most uses, the last example in the wiki works great.  But I want to show you a “super safe” way of dealing with GetMedia in XSLT. Where I find a lot of…

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  5. Umbraco: Ultimate Picker XSLT Example

    Posted on . Estimated read time: 6 minutes (755 words)

    Chatting with Dan (my partner-in-code at Bodenko) about the Ultimate Picker data-type in Umbraco, we realised that we couldn’t find any examples of how to use the data in XSLT. So obviously needing an excuse to write-up a new blog post, here we go. If you need a quick overview about the Ultimate Picker data-type, see Tim Geyssens’ blog post. For my example, using a default Umbraco install (with Runway), we will create a new…

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