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  1. Working with XSLT using new XML schema in Umbraco 4.1

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    Most of the Umbraco community are aware that the XML schema in the upcoming Umbraco 4.1 release has changed. Instead of each document being a node element, the element name is the node-type alias, same with property values; they no longer use data elements with alias attributes. Here is a quick example, comparing the old/legacy with the new: <node id="1066" parentID="-1" level="1" nodeName="Home" ... nodeTypeAlias="Homepage" path="-1,1066"> <data alias="bodyText"><![CDATA[<p>Welcome to my homepage.</p>]]></data> </node> <Homepage id="1066" parentID="-1" level="1"…

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  2. Convert XmlReader to String

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    I was in the middle of developing a member look-up AJAX function for an Umbraco project, when I ran into a slight problem, (confusion rather), about how to pull the XML back from SQL Server and return it to the browser (AJAX). The SQL statement was straight-forward, very simple, does a LIKE query against the members table, no problem there. Added “FOR XML AUTO” to return the result-set back as an XML data-type ... all…

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  3. Converting CSV to XML

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    There’s a bit a functionality on one of the projects that I’m working on where I need to do a lookup. The data I’ve been given is in an Excel spreadsheet – which I needed to convert to XML (as ultimately the data will be stored in a CMS that handles XML better). I’ve done a lot of projects where I need to convert XML to Excel (via CSV), but not many where I need…

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  4. Yahoo’s Pipes

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    I’m reading a lot about Yahoo’s Pipes this morning… I had a quick play around with it, looks like a really easy way to mash-up data/web-services!

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  5. Yahoo and MSN will use Google’s Sitemap Protocol

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    Yahoo and MSN are uniting with Google to provide support for the Sitemap Protocol! (more info here – sitemaps.org)

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