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  1. Code Syntax Highlighting in Wyam

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    I'd been going back and forth on how I should handle the syntax highlighting of my blog's code snippets. A popular choice would be to use a JavaScript library, (such as Prettify or Prism). I have nothing against those libraries, but in the pursuit of making my website fast and lightweight, I wanted a non-JavaScript option. My idea was to use a .NET library to convert my source-code snippets into colourised markup. The only library…

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  2. Website Relaunch

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    Wow, I finally pressed the button and my rebuilt website has been launched. I have to admit, I was quite nervous about making the actual switch from WordPress to a static HTML site. I kept thinking "What have I missed?", but throw caution to the wind, it's my own website - if anything breaks, I'll just fix it. It feels like I've wanted to move away from having a dynamically-generated website for the longest time.…

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