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  1. My year (so far) on MacBook Windows 8 Boot Camp

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    Towards the end of last year, my business partner (Rich) was eager to get hold of the new MacBook Pro (with 15″ Retina display) – obviously with the cost of the MacBook being considerably higher than an average PC-laptop counterpart – Rich felt it was unfair for him to get one. However since I’d never owned a Mac before – and heard how developers absolutely *love* using them, I thought it would be good for…

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  2. Vista SP1 Hibernation problems

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    After a couple of unsuccessfully attempted to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1; it seems that I “forgot” to disable my anti-virus software! Then it installed fine. Vista does seem to perform better/quicker since SP1, but, for me, it introduced a major show-stopper! Hibernation stopped working! I google’d the problem to see if anyone else had the same issue — and knew how to resolve it. It took me a while, probably because Vista SP1…

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  3. One Less Vista Woe

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    To follow up to my rant a few weeks ago (More Vista Woes on my old blog), it seems that Microsoft have taken note everyone’s complaints about the forced reboot. After putting off my Windows Vista updates for as long as possible, I finally succumbed… Once all the updates were installed, I’m prompted with the same “Restart your computer to finish installing important updates” message. But now the countdown timer is gone!!! So at least…

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