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  1. uComponents: Days of Future Past

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    For a long time I have remained silent on the future of the uComponents project; please don’t mistake this for ignorance, it was not intentional. The truth is that it has been a struggle to lead the project through the transition from Umbraco v6 to v7 … and I’ve probably failed to do. The ongoing dilemma of the uComponents project is two-fold: where are we right now? and where are we heading? If you look…

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  2. Deploying complex Property Editors (Archetype) with Umbraco Courier on UaaS

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    TL;DR; I wrote a Courier DataResolver for the Archetype property-editor. The code is currently only available on GitHub and has only been tested against Umbraco-as-a-Service. We’re very fortunate that with our latest project at Umbrella we are getting to develop with cutting-edge Umbraco technologies: Umbraco v7, Umbraco as a Service (UaaS) and the Archetype property-editor. If you haven’t yet heard about UaaS yet, then be sure to catch-up with the recent uHangout episode where Niels Hartvig…

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  3. uComponents: Moved to GitHub

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    Hey uComponents fans, a little status update on our version control repository move from CodePlex over to GitHub. We’d been talking about moving over to GitHub for a long time, (even before Umbraco core moved over), but the timing was never right – either we were in the middle of a major release or our day-job workloads were in high demand.  Luckily since our own v6.0.0 release, we have found the time to make the…

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  4. Downgrading uComponents

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    A question was asked on the Our Umbraco forum about how to downgrade a version of uComponents (from v5.4.0 to v4.1.0 – as they were using Umbraco v4.7.2). There may well be other reasons that you would want to downgrade uComponents to a previous version – whether that be for Umbraco compatibility or maybe even you don’t use the package any more and just want to uninstall it. Firstly, DO NOT uninstall the package from…

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  5. uComponents: 50,000 downloads!

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    Ah uComponents, it seems like only yesterday that we reached the huge milestone of 10,000 downloads! Now look at you… 50,000 downloads! Wow how you’ve grown. .@hendyracher Compare #uComponents d/load stats to last year (46k) http://t.co/TRn58axeai Our #umbraco: 50,000 CodePlex: 15,000 NuGet: 4,500 — Lee Kelleher (@leekelleher) September 11, 2013 I’d like to give my uttermost appreciation to the uComponents team for all their hard work over the past few years – and a massive…

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  6. uComponents: 100 karma votes and 10,000 downloads!

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    Very proud and happy to announce that uComponents has reached 100 karma votes and 10,000 downloads! (that’s not including the additional 4,000 download from our CodePlex project) I just downloaded the 10,000th copy of uComponents. is.gd/ZVxhfy #H5YR #Umbraco — Douglas Robar(@drobar) September 7, 2011 A huge thank you to the uComponents team for developing a great set of Umbraco components – and an even bigger THANK YOU to the Umbraco community for use it! #h5yr

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  7. uComponents: Render Macro data-type

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    Developed a new data-type for uComponents called Render Macro. Watch the screencast for a brief demonstration.

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