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  1. Apologies for RSS mistake

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    For readers of my blog via the RSS feed, I have to apologise to you. When I relaunched my blog at the start of May, I was using Wyam's built-in RSS module - which initially appeared to work well. But I noticed an issue with my configuration after I'd corrected a typo on a recent post. It turns out the <guid> value for each post had been created as a unique identifier based off a…

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  2. Traffic Updates: RSS -> SMS

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    Since moving down to Bristol, I have been subscribing to the Underscore mailing list – of which I’m guilty of non-participation. One of the threads today made me realise the potential of user empowerment using “Web 2.0” services and technologies. The thread was called “RSS -> SMS“, Andy wrote: After my wife took three hours to get to work this morning due to the M5 being shut, I’ve built a Yahoo pipe that takes the…

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  3. Google Reader

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    It has taken me a long time to actually get around to using RSS feeds properly – I’ve known about them (and developed them for other sites) for several years – but I never could get into the habit of opening a feed-reader everyday… well, the other day I thought I’d give Google’s Reader another go (I wasn’t impressed previously) – it’s only been 3 days and I’m hooked! When I eventually get around to…

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  4. SimplePie 1.0 Beta 3

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    SimplePie 1.0 Beta 3 gets released later today… which means I’ll be one step closer to the BLB relaunch!

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