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  1. WordPress 3 Plugin Development Essentials

    Posted on . Estimated read time: 3 minutes (379 words)

    It has been a while since I last developed a plugin for WordPress. With the release of version 3, I have been eager to learn about new improvements with plugin development. Having recently got hold of a copy of WordPress 3 Plugin Development Essentials (Packt Publishing, 2011), I’ve shaken the dust off my WordPress skills! Whether you are a newcomer to WordPress, as long as you have some basic PHP knowledge, WordPress 3 Plugin Development…

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  2. WordPress Plugin Development: Beginner’s Guide, by Vladimir Prelovac

    Posted on . Estimated read time: 4 minutes (522 words)

    I have recently finished reading Vladimir Prelovac book on WordPress plug-in development, (WordPress Plug-in Development: Beginner’s Guide, Packt Publishing, 2009). As an experienced WordPress plug-in developer, I was pessimistic at the start – there is already a wealth of documentation and detailed tutorials on the web, who would need a book? However with Vladimir being a well-respected WordPress plug-in developer, I was curious to see his approach on the subject, and you never know –…

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  3. Add YouTube Plug-in to Umbraco/TinyMCE

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    Update: Following on from Dirk and Ismail’s comments, I found out that this YouTube plug-in does not work with TinyMCE v3 (which is the default richtext editor in Umbraco v4). This guide is written to works  for Umbraco v3 only, (using TinyMCE v2). If you are looking for similar functionality in Umbraco v4, (TinyMCE v3), then all you need to do is enable the ‘Flash/media’ button in your Richtext editor data-type and embed the YouTube video…

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  4. “Powered by Category Cloud”

    Posted on . Estimated read time: under a minute (220 words)

    I’ve just installed Operator – a Firefox extension that highlights microformatted data on web pages. So far I haven’t noticed any performance issues, and it’s been playing nicely with all my other Firefox extensions. As a web developer, Operator makes me want to add more semantic mark-up to my websites, (which I already try to do). This extension will make it easier for testing purposes. I decided to read more about the extension on the…

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