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  1. Using jQuery to swap form fields

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    Due to an technical decision early on in my project, the date-of-birth field on a profile edit page in a single text-input element.  My client would now like the date-of-birth to be 3 dropdown lists, (day, month and year).  The amount of work involved making changes to both the back and front ends would take at least a day. (It sounds a lot, but you know it would). Here’s where a front-end developer’s best friend…

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  2. Accessing the jQuery DOM in an Ajax callback

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    Whilst developing the admin pages for Pez, I wanted to add some nice features to the UI. My first choice for a JavaScript framework is jQuery. I’ve used other frameworks before, (like mootools, script.aculo.us and YUI), but I just seem to get on better with jQuery, (although mootools is a very close second). Last night I was playing around with the Ajax/jQuery.get() method – it was the first time I’d used it, and was having…

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