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  1. Sneaky Skype installing Firefox Extension

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    We’ve got an old laptop that we keep under the coffee table, so that we can quickly check IMDb or Wikipedia for mid-conversations things (very geeky I know!) Since Katelyn arrived, we’ve been using it for web-cam too. Yesterday we were having a few problems with voice chat on MSN, so we installed Skype on the laptop. A couple of clicks later, Skype was installed, all was good. Then about 5 mins later I notice…

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  2. One Less Vista Woe

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    To follow up to my rant a few weeks ago (More Vista Woes on my old blog), it seems that Microsoft have taken note everyone’s complaints about the forced reboot. After putting off my Windows Vista updates for as long as possible, I finally succumbed… Once all the updates were installed, I’m prompted with the same “Restart your computer to finish installing important updates” message. But now the countdown timer is gone!!! So at least…

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