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  1. Putting your ASP.NET Web Application in Maintenance Mode (using ISAPI_Rewrite)

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    Prompted by @slace’s tweet: i wish there was a way to use app_offline but still view from certain ip's — Aaron Powell (@slace) September 29, 2009 I replied with a suggestion that we’ve used in the past. Aaron said I should blog about it… so here I am (again)! A while ago we needed to do an Umbraco upgrade (from v3 to v4) on a production server – in my opinion it was a pretty…

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  2. How to prevent hotlinking to FLV files? (Flash Videos)

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    My friend Shane (from DVD House of Horrors) is having a hard time trying to stop other websites hotlinking to his horror movie clips.  The site is running Joomla on a Linux server, so he’s been down the usual .htaccess routes to prevent remote hotlinking. However the problem with FLV files is that they aren’t requested directly by the web-browser, but rather the Flash video player (a .swf file).  This causes a problem for the…

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