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  1. MySql data-source support for ELMAH

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    Following on from my last post (a couple of months ago) about Integrating ELMAH with Umbraco, I received a comment if it was possible for ELMAH to use MySQL as a back-end data-source. After a few emails back and forth between myself and Rajiv, (as well as Rajiv’s requests over at the ELMAH support group), the advice was to simpily develop some code that implemented the ErrorLog class, (making use of the 3 core methods:…

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  2. Integrating ELMAH with Umbraco

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    Update: For the latest details on how to integrate ELMAH with Umbraco, please read the article over on the Our Umbraco wiki. I have a few Umbraco projects that have a lot of custom .NET code, mostly in they are in the form of user-controls and XSLT extensions.  As far as I’m aware Umbraco doesn’t have an extendable mechanism for exception handling and sending out notification emails, (there is the umbraco.BusinessLogic.Log, which writes to the…

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