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  1. Succumbed to the CSS dark side

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    Well, it didn't take me long to succumb to the power of the CSS dark side! ;-) I had a few people comment about my website being "broken" - and my semi-auto reply of "going back to basics" - but this hasn't bothered me much, it's quite interesting to start a discussion around the idea. However, I do admit that there are enhancements to be had with applying basic stylings. So I've started a minimal…


  2. Back to basics

    Posted on . Estimated read time: 2 minutes (306 words)

    TL;DR; Is this site broken? No. I decided to try an experiment with letting my website go CSS naked. It's an attempt for me to make proper use of Web Standards, HTML5, semantic markup and hierarchical structure. My reasoning When I decided to reboot my website, I started to spend time browsing themes and designs, while I found many decent ones, there wasn't any that I felt comfortable with. I didn't have much interest in…

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