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  1. Reflecting on predictions for Umbraco

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    Last year a wrote a few predictions for Umbraco – for beyond 2014; a 5-year future. Reviewing those predictions, many things have happened in the world of web-development, so I would like to reflect on those. node.js The idea of switching Umbraco’s “server-side” codebase from ASP.NET to node.js was quite appealing. Out-the-box it would be cross-platform, high-performance, asynchronous – all win! Then Microsoft announced ASP.NET vNext! Bringing us… Roslyn! KVM! Cross-platform (Mono)! Async! NuGet! All…

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  2. Predictions for Umbraco - beyond 2014

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    With Umbraco 7 release imminent, the community will be eager to see its adoption. For those who have been following the progress of its development, the entire back-office has been re-built from the ground up – from UX concepts to the introduction of the AngularJS framework.  (For technical details, see the Belle documentation website.) The introduction of AngularJS is a major shift for Umbraco – it is also a bold statement – that web-technology is…

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  3. Setting up Visual Studio to work with Umbraco

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    Over the last 12 months I have been involved with developing several Umbraco-powered websites. During that time I’ve experienced many development frustrations; specifically with debugging and version control. A while back I read Paul Sterling’s blog post on “Working with Umbraco in Visual Studio” – I used this as my basis.  I have added to his orignal suggestions: Have a clean, working copy of Umbraco – using the installer – on your machine.  I am…

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