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  1. Elegant Objects by Yegor Bugayenko

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    At last month's Code Cabin, I was chatting with Steve Temple about Ditto and best coding practices, he suggested that I read Elegant Objects by Yegor Bugayenko, as it made him think totally differently about object-oriented programming. Looking around Yegor's blog, I liked his ideas, so I ordered the book ... I even noticed a small CSS bug on his blog and submitted a fix for it. I do love open-source! A day or so…

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  2. Discounts on WordPress books during June at Packt

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    Packt Publishing are having a special discount on their range of WordPress books during June. If you are doing WordPress development or are interested in starting out, then take a look at their selection. They’ve just released “WordPress 3 Ultimate Security“, which should be essential reading for anyone wanting to protect their hosted WordPress installs! To see the discounts, go to Packt’s WordPress Month page.

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  3. World Book Day

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    Today is World Book Day, along with a customary plug-link to ReadySteadyBook, (and BLB), ;-) I’ve just been reading about how to recognise a literary expert bluffer. [via BBC]

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  4. ReadySteadyBook – All the hard work starting to pay off?

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    Firstly, congratulations to Mark and ReadySteadyBook on getting an honorable mention in The Observer’s Top 50 Players in the World of Books. Judging by the order of names, Mark is in fact the 51st Most Important Person in Publishing! Mark Thwaite, founder and editor of www.readysteadybook.com, the UK’s largest independent literary website. A librarian by trade, Thwaite writes a regular blog attracting up to 3,000 visitors per day. There is still a lot of work…

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