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  1. Source Code Released for User Control File Tree Umbraco Package

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    A few months ago I released the User Control File Tree package for Umbraco, this allowed developers to edit the front-end code/mark-up in their ASCX user-controls from the Umbraco back-end, (remotely), rather than editing them directly on the server via a text-editor. Today I have released the source-code on the Umbraco Extensions project (on CodePlex) and created a project page on the new Our Umbraco community website. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions…

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  2. Umbraco Package – User Control File Tree

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    A few months ago, Tim Geyssens (aka Umbraco rockstar) released a package that gave you access to the *.config files in the /config/ folder. This has been a lifesaver in those few times where I have only had web-access to an Umbraco install and needed to tweak some config settings. Recently I found myself in the same situation, but this time I needed to quickly update a few text changes to an ASCX user-control. Due…

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