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  1. umBristol: Hack Night (May 2014)

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    Last Thursday evening we held our first umBristol hack-night. We decided to leave the format of the evening to be an open/clinic style, where anyone could ask questions and guide the focus of session.  It turned out that there wasn’t much hacking, but there was a wealth of knowledge to learn and share. Jonathan started off by showing us an extension he’d been working on called AutoRouteTemplate – its aim is to provide a non-developer to access URL parameters…

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  2. Deploying complex Property Editors (Archetype) with Umbraco Courier on UaaS

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    TL;DR; I wrote a Courier DataResolver for the Archetype property-editor. The code is currently only available on GitHub and has only been tested against Umbraco-as-a-Service. We’re very fortunate that with our latest project at Umbrella we are getting to develop with cutting-edge Umbraco technologies: Umbraco v7, Umbraco as a Service (UaaS) and the Archetype property-editor. If you haven’t yet heard about UaaS yet, then be sure to catch-up with the recent uHangout episode where Niels Hartvig…

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