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  1. My year (so far) on MacBook Windows 8 Boot Camp

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    Towards the end of last year, my business partner (Rich) was eager to get hold of the new MacBook Pro (with 15″ Retina display) – obviously with the cost of the MacBook being considerably higher than an average PC-laptop counterpart – Rich felt it was unfair for him to get one. However since I’d never owned a Mac before – and heard how developers absolutely *love* using them, I thought it would be good for…

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  2. Sneaky Skype installing Firefox Extension

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    We’ve got an old laptop that we keep under the coffee table, so that we can quickly check IMDb or Wikipedia for mid-conversations things (very geeky I know!) Since Katelyn arrived, we’ve been using it for web-cam too. Yesterday we were having a few problems with voice chat on MSN, so we installed Skype on the laptop. A couple of clicks later, Skype was installed, all was good. Then about 5 mins later I notice…

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