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Week 52

Nope, it wasn't a 24-hour flu thing. It turned into a 7-day bedridden flu thing! Still worried that it might be COVID, I was doing daily lateral flow tests, all negative. Going for a PCR test kept getting suggested, but I was already bedridden - feeling dreadful, stuck in bed, doubt I could drive myself for a PCR, I was self-isolating anyway, I stayed in bed. In terms of NHS track-and-trace, Lucy had already told everyone we'd seen in the past 48-hours. I've no idea who I got the flu from.

The unfortunate side of getting ill is that we had to cancel our family visit to Liverpool - our 2nd Christmas. I felt bad for my family. Re-scheduled for when I'd recovered.

I pretty much spent most of the week sleeping. When not sleeping, I managed to watch a few movies (if I could keep my eyes open long enough): Don't Look Up, (realistic, interesting, but daft); The Big Short, (informative, engaging and terrifying); Jumanji: The Next Level, (daft, good fun); Paddington 2, (great, enjoyed a lot); Back To Life: Series 2, (was okay); and Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Christmas Fishing, (lovely).

New Year's Eve, I started to feel a bit better, not quite 100%, but managed to get out of a bed for a bit.

New Year's Day, I sat our in the garden for a couple of hours - it was freezing, but after a week stuck in bed, I needed to be out in the fresh (cold) air for a while.

So that's the end of 2021. I'd managed to stick with writing up my weeknotes, (with the exception of weeks 34/35), which I'm quite happy about. Even if it has mostly been about what movies and music I'd been listening to, it was still good to keep a journal each week. Will I continue this in 2022? My current thought is no. I feel that I should focus my writing/energies on other things, whether that be articles or coding - but still keep to a regular schedule.

What I do know is that 2022 will be a different year for me, with many changes ahead.