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Week 51

Ah, the run up to Christmas. It was a strange week. Work had already been slowing down, but I'm not sure where the days went. The kids had already broken up for the school holiday, I guess I'd been playing more video games with them than I realised.

Wednesday, we had Gigaclear installed. Some digging up the front garden to get the cables all wired up, but was quickly done. Ultrafast internet here we come!

In the evening we went along to Light Up Bristol at Ashton Court.

Lee, Lucy and LL at Light Up Bristol.
Me, Lucy and LL at Light Up Bristol.

Our annual umBristol Xmas Shindig was cancelled, the rise of the COVID/Omicron variant felt too risky for a social/pub visit, especially this close to Christmas day.

Christmas Eve, whilst Lucy and the kids went shopping, I had a sneaky trip to the cinema to watch The Matrix Resurrections. (I'm a huge fan of the original movie, but I have very mixed feelings about this one, I enjoyed it, but overall undecided, I'll need to watch it again.) The cinema was completely empty, weird being the only one in there!

Christmas day, we went to Lucy's folks. All round, a pleasant, stress free day. Kids enjoyed their presents, although being at their grandparents, they didn't get full chance to enjoy them until Boxing day.

Ah, Boxing day. I came down with flu. Hit me out of the blue, (strange that I felt fine on Christmas day), totally wiped me out. Aching and sore throat. I was worried that it was COVID, but had a negative lateral flow test result. I was hoping it'd be a 24-hour virus thing, as I typically get the annual seasonal flu - but usually around September time, which passes in a couple of days. Fingers crossed. 🤞