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Week 48

December has arrived. Where has the year gone?

With advent calendars, Lucy likes to do more activity based ones for the kids, less chocolate, more craft based stuff. Much to their surprise, I got them Lindt chocolate advent calendars - so now each morning is a mix of chocolate and crafts.

I started watching The Beatles: Get Back documentary series on Disney+, I'm quite a fan of The Beatles, and this is an epic watch. I'm halfway through so far. Love watching their song writing process.

Thursday was Lucy's birthday. We out for a walk and lunch around Leigh Woods. In the evening, went for a curry at Yatton Tandoori.

It's been a while since mentioning the MCU. The Hawkeye TV show has started on Disney+. KK and I have watched the first 3 episodes.

Friday meant Alphabet Albums time again, we're up to "Y"... Yello - Flag, Yeah Yeah Noh - Cutting The Heavenly Lawn Of Greatness... Last Rites For The God Of Love and Paul Young - No Parlez.

Saturday morning was busy in little old Yatton. The Bowling Club had a coffee & cake morning, with a jigsaw puzzle sale - we bought 4 jigsaws; and a new music school/cafe/venue called The Note Warehouse had a welcome open day. In the afternoon, I did one of the jigsaws we got, a 300 piece world map, but from 1984, interesting to see how the world has changed since then.

World Map 1984. 300 piece jigsaw.
World Map 1984. 300 pieces. Took 2 hours.

Sunday, did bits of Christmas shopping. Also went to Halfords to get the car headline bulb replaced. I'd had a look (and YouTube search) to see if I could do it, honestly, for what you'd think was a simple task turned out to be quite complex. Glad I went to Halfords, as it took 2 guys about half an hour to replace the bulb - I'd have probably given up and bought a new car instead.

Sunday family movie night, LL wanted to watch Sonic the Hedgehog. Cramming it in before the Strictly Come Dancing quarter-final results. (Only a few weeks left before it's over!) 😆