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Week 47

Since Shang-Chi got released on Disney+ a couple of weeks back, I'd been asking KK if/when she wanted to watch it, but she kept putting me off, so I watched it without her! 😝 (Much to her disgust when she later found out!)

I'm trying to go out for more walks during the week (and in daylight hours). I think being stuck at my desk for long periods of time has taken its toll on me.

Friday, I ventured into Bristol to attend the Umbraco Together event. I wasn't sure how the day would pan out, given it was a set of 3 simultaneous mini-festivals (the others in Glasgow and London), many of the sessions were live-streamed from London. At times it felt that Bristol & Glasgow were second-class citizens to London, but then I'm unsure how else it could have been done, difficult times, but overall a well orchestrated event.

Saturday night, (after Strictly), KK asked if we could watch Shang-Chi, so we did. I enjoyed it a second time!