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Week 45

A friend suggested that we watch Richard Osman's House of Games on BBC2. I love quiz shows, but generally stay away from the celebrity quiz shows - as they tend to be quite shallow. Watched it throughout the week, it was alright but probably more of an occasional watch than every day.

Tuesday was LL's "freedom" day. Straight back to school. She was excited about it, couldn't wait to see her friends.

I got around to doing another jigsaw puzzle. It'd been a month since I last did one. We have a backlog of jigsaws that we've either borrowed from friends or acquired from charity shops, so this was more of a case of pick one, do it, and move it on.

The Greatest Bookshop. 1000 piece jigsaw.
The Greatest Bookshop. 1000 pieces. Took about 5 hours with Lucy.

Work has been languishing for a while now, it's been an odd mix of feeling extremely busy, at the same time, there's not much to do. Between work tasks, I may have secretly become a bit obsessed with slither.io. Gah, it's only when you admit it, that you realise you really have become a boring middle aged man. Maybe I need a holiday?

TV wise, KK and I have been continuing with Stranger Things season 3.

A friend is building a summer house, on Saturday he was having ready mixed concrete delivered - I offered to help shift it to the garden - 4 of us had 30 minutes to shift 98 barrels! Let's just say that I'm woefully aware how unfit I am, and my shoulders ached the next day!

Remembrance Sunday, we went to Yatton's war memorial garden for the service.

Shocked to hear about the terror incident at Liverpool Women's Hospital. The surrounding news coverage was all felt quite close to home (despite being two hundred miles away).