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Week 44

The week that was the COVID self-isolation week, (not for me but Lucy and LL). I hadn't quite prepared myself for effectively becoming a butler, especially with working at home, the context shift between home and work was slightly overwhelming. In hindsight I should have taken the week off work.

while(week == 44) {
  hens({feed: true});
  breakfast({who: all});
  lunch({who: all});
  dinner({who: all});

A positive note is that I got to spend more time with KK. Which pretty much meant watching TV and movies together in the evenings. Having seen all the MCU movies, she wanted to watch the (now "legacy") X-Men movies. We watched the first 3 during the week.

Friday, Alphabet Albums again, selections for "W" are: Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak, The Wood Children - Shopaholic and Amy Winehouse - Black To Black.

Friday evening, after the school's fireworks display, KK and I went for a family meal, (for nephew's 18th). Later, one of my neighbours was having a campfire, so joined them for a while.

Saturday was Lucy's "freedom" day, she was very excited, I was wiped out, didn't do much over the weekend. LL's "freedom" day is next Tuesday.