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Week 43

It was a funny old week. The kids were on school half term holiday. I had a website launch on the Monday. Lucy was at work, so I ended up juggling kids, client and launch. A bit stressful, but all successful in the end.

Tuesday, Lucy and the kids went to visit a friend near London. I dropped them off at the station, and wondered why this couldn't have happened a day earlier, aw well. Just think of the things I could get done whilst they were away for a couple of days!

I ended up binge watching Cruel Summer on Amazon. It was alright for a teen-drama, quite different to how the trailer suggested it would be, still I enjoyed it.

Thursday evening, Lucy and the girls returned. Lucy wasn't feeling to good, a bit fluey. She took a lateral flow test just to be sure it wasn't COVID... uh oh, positive result! We quickly locked her away in a bedroom! The girls did lateral flow tests straight away, both negative - thank goodness! (I hadn't left the house in a few days, so pointless testing me). Friday, Lucy went for a PCR test. The result came back on Saturday, positive. So we all did a quick lateral flow test... LL was an immediate positive result, so straight into the locked bedroom with Lucy. KK and I were negative. We've been testing daily, negative results since. Lucy's flueyness (that's not a real word!) lasted 2 days, she's feeling totally fine since, same with LL. They're just bored of being locked in the bedroom... and I'm bored of being a butler.

In parallel to our COVID situation, Friday was the Umbraco Hacktoberfest 24-hour Hacktoberthon, (I know, quite the mouthful!) I attended for a few hours on the Friday, and early Saturday morning. I managed to get a few code patches in for various Umbraco projects. Nice to be involved in an Umbraco community event, as CodeGarden feels like a long time ago.

The weekend was mostly us trying to get to grips with the self-isolation situation. But KK did convince me to watch the rest of Stranger Things together, (we finished series 2).