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Week 42

Concerning start to the week, some of LL's friends tested positive for COVID-19, a few of them she'd been in close contact with at the previous weekend's Brownies camp, and Lucy had driven the girls to the camp. So it was off for a PCR test for Lucy and LL, and self-isolation while they waited for the results. Next day the results came back as negative. Funny how it goes.

Past several days I had a dull nagging toothache, one of my older crowns. I got an appointment with the dentist on Wednesday, took an x-ray, I had an infection under the crown. On a course of antibiotics for the next week. (Which pretty much cleared the toothache after a day.)

Wednesday, I finally released the latest version of my Umbraco package, Contentment v3.0.0. Good to get it out of beta and stable.

Friday, Alphabet Albums - Selections for "V" are: The Velvet Underground & Nico, Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild and The Verve - A Northern Soul.

Saturday was my Mum's birthday. I took the kids up to Liverpool for a surprise visit. Left early Saturday morning, stayed overnight, headed back early Sunday. Short and sweet, a flying visit.