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Week 41

Strange week, I'd been feeling out of sorts. I decided to not work from my office at the start of the week - kind of a "working from home" at home, sort of thing.

I've been enjoying the 1001 Albums generator that I mentioned a couple of weeks back. It's been an interesting mix of music that I already knew, but also some hidden gems. I've been enjoying Milton Nascimento's Clube Da Esquina, something I doubt I'd ever have discovered on my own.

Wednesday evening, our local open-mic night started back up again. I ended up not going, I wasn't feeling too good, (kind of felt like pre-flu aches, or maybe I'm just exhausted?) Shame though as I was really looking forward to it, practised a couple of covers to play. Next month!

Thursday, I worked back in my office. But had internet/network issues, bloomin' Ethernet didn't work. Spent a few hours trying to get it back up and running. Eventually I tried the next Ethernet port on the back of the modem and it all started working again. No idea what was up with the first Ethernet port.

Friday, LL was going away again! This time for the weekend at Brownies camp. More adventuring!

Saturday, because LL was away we could skip Strictly Come Dancing! Lucy and I went to along to the first post-lockdown Congresbury Folk Night, leaving KK at home (with a friend) for a pizza & movie night.

Sunday, Lucy's nephew's baptism. A larger family gathering that I felt comfortable with (since post-lockdown). All went well, but I didn't stay around for too long after the church.