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Week 40

First thing Monday morning we were at school, sending LL off for a week long trip to Morfa Bay Adventure. It's not the first time she'd been away from home without us, but still felt quite emotional. Odd without her being around all week.

Tuesday, I got a new release of Contentment out, v2.2.0 - couple of new features and bug fixes. Also updated the v3.0 alpha release for Umbraco v9. I'm slowly working towards unifying the releases to support but Umbraco v8 and v9.

Finished up on Squid Game, I enjoy it, but still intense. I was looking for something more light-hearted to watch. A few of my mates had been suggesting The Detectorists for a while - I gave it a go. First episode was alright, but the second episode - those Simon & Garfunkel gags cracked me up!

Thursday evening, bored of TV, did another jigsaw...

The Hat Boutique. 500 piece jigsaw.
The Hat Boutique. 500 pieces. Took about 3 hours.

I received a parcel from Umbraco HQ... an axe! I'm not entirely sure why they sent me an axe, but thank you all the same, I appreciate it. Tweeted a photo of me shaving with it.

Friday, Alphabet Albums - we've been struggling with this over the past few weeks, the fortnights are flying by. We're up to "U"... Up, Bustle & Out - Light 'Em Up, Blow 'Em Out, The Unthanks - Mount the Air and U2 - Achtung Baby.

LL came home from Morfa Bay, totally exhausted. All she wanted to do was play Streets of Rage 2 with me (on the Wii's Sega Mega Drive emulator). Funny how it goes.

Friday night my neighbour and I had a little gathering in our field. Music, banter and campfire. I may have got to bed around 4am, eek!

A gathering in the field.
A gathering in the field - lights, music, achtung!

Saturday was a complete write off. I'm getting too old for hangovers.

Our regular Saturday family movie nights have been put on-hold, since the kids want to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

Sunday, went for a lovely walk around the woodlands of Tyntesfield (National Trust). Gorgeous weather for October. By complete coincidence, bumped into James and family, who I'd not seen in about 5 years!