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Week 37

It'd been another week of work, work, work, work. It must be slightly easing up though, as I found a bit of time to play bass and do a bit of open-source coding.

For my Umbraco plug-in, Contentment, I tweeted a quick demo of a preview for a new display editor called Templated Label.

Saturday, Lucy took us into Bristol for a surprise... a visit to the History of Video Games arcade at the Galleries. I got to reminisce and show the girls all the old computers and consoles I used to have and play on. They quickly got bored of that and wanted to play all the retro games. LL took a liking to Streets of Rage 2 on the Sega Mega Drive, and KK enjoyed Dance Dance Revolution - of which I found myself feeling very unfit! 😆

Saturday family movie night was LL's choice... Cats & Dogs.

Sunday, did a bit of gardening - well butchered a hedge, and managed to fit in a 500 piece jigsaw.

Clifton Bridge, Bristol. 500 piece jigsaw.
Clifton Bridge, Bristol. 500 pieces. Took about 3 hours.