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Week 32

Last couple of weeks I'd been late writing up my notes, this week I'm early - here goes.

Monday was a slow one, recovering from the Claverham Sounds family day at the cricket club, and juggling a heavy workload, fun times. Now the kids were back, I'm reminded how much juggling is involved with working from home during school holidays, didn't help that Lucy was at work too, (not from home).

Work wise, same as last week - work, work, work - not much time for anything else, no movies, no jigsaws (well, not yet), no Umbraco'ing, no band.

Tuesday evening, I took a break, to spend a lovely midsummer evening with Pete Duncanson. Pete was heading back from Cornwall with his son. Camped overnight, we had a campfire in our field. Yes, we had S'mores, well maybe, British S'mores - toasted marshmallow between chocolate digestives. Calorie overload!

Alphabet Albums, we're up to "Q"... Suzi Quatro - If You Knew Suzi..., Queen - Sheer Heart Attack and Queens of the Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf.

Friday evening, I did start another jigsaw - a late birthday present from Lucy. For whatever reason I thought it was a 1,000 piece puzzle, only half an hour later I realised it was 1,500 pieces! This meant my usual cardboard base was too small, luckily it would fit on the coffee table... but that puts the coffee table out of action until it's complete. (At the time of writing, Sunday, it's still not complete.)

Saturday family movie night was LL's choice... A Goofy Movie on Disney+. I'm not sure what to say about this. LL is 10yo. 🤷‍♂️

The rest of the weekend has been bits of gardening, ferry kids around to various friends, parties... oh and jigsaw'ing! Even LL has got into it. I'll post a photo once it's complete.