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Week 31

I'm a week late in writing up my notes (again), well to be fair, I've had them written up, but hadn't made time to edit and add links, etc.

After my surprise birthday party, it took me a few days to recover, I'm getting too old for these late night parties - or more that my liver is much slower at recovering!

Lucy and the girls had headed back to camp. Just as well, as my current workload ramped up significantly - I finally had a new greenfield client project to build. So pretty much everyday was work, work, work, cook dinner, wash up, then zonk out. I'd tried to stay away from getting takeaway meals and cook myself - well, I mean, I tried for a few days, then succumbed to that bachelor lifestyle.

Similar to the previous week, I ended up watching loads of movies, whilst doing a jigsaw, (trying to convince myself that "doing something"). I watched... Enola Holmes, 3:10 to Yuma, Blood Diamond, The Woman in the Window, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Mule.

The jigsaw was a beast, took 4 evenings to complete. Probably took me longer than usual because I really enjoyed a few of those movies.

All the world's a stage. 1000 piece jigsaw.
All the world's a stage. 1000 piece jigsaw. Took about 12 hours, over 4 evenings.

By Thursday I was movie'd out, couldn't bring myself to watch TV, or look at another jigsaw. I put music on, had a good sing song (I mean, who's listening?), and wrote up my previous week's notes.

Saturday afternoon, Lucy and kids returned home. Just in time for Saturday family movie night, which was my choice... Raya and the Last Dragon (on Disney+).

Sunday, we went along to a local family fun day at the cricket club, Claverham Sounds, there were 11 bands on during the day. My band was originally asked to play, but our drummer was on holiday, so I enjoyed the day instead. (Maybe enjoyed it a little too much, my poor liver!)